Idaho HOA Management has three levels of service to meet your needs

Full Management

  • With our Full Management plan the Clients can focus on other things.

  • We are the main point of contact for all vendors.

  • We work within our capacity to management the day-to-day affairs of the rental and report our progress back to you.

  • Invoice approval is done online through the web portal.


  • With our Lease Only Plan, the owner will be the main point of contact for the property.

  • We will work "behind the scenes" to assist with tenant showings and qualifications and then turn the landlord-tenant relationship over to the owner once the tenant has been placed into the home.

Remote Management

  • Clients use the best accounting and management tools to provide services to the tenants.

  • Clients handle the day-to-day management and we assist with monthly and annual functions bookkeeping, collections, budget preparation, and long-term maintenance projects.

We know what it takes to create an experience that is second-to-none for boards and homeowners while protecting your bottom line.

Financial Controls

Property Management starts and ends with keeping the books clean. That’s why we have a state-of-the-art accounting system that is plugged directly into the community’s bank account for access and transparency:

Payment Flexibility so tenants can choose what’s best for them – lockbox, e-check, credit or online. we cover all options with same-day payment credits.

Daily Bank Reconciliation means your books are always up to date. Get financial reports at any time throughout the month with full assurance of accuracy.

Online Invoice Approval allows you to log in and see what checks are waiting to be paid. Approve those that are good to go or use our communication tools to talk about your concerns.

Property Management

As the ‘boots on the ground’ inside your community. We do property inspections, check maintenance requests, process violations and architectural requests, and whatever else they need to keep your investment running smoothly:

Real-Time Visibility gives homeowners instant updates on violations, maintenance updates, or architectural request feedback in our owner portal.

Performance Tracking of manager activity lets you check up on what we’ve been doing while on the property.

Photo Evidence of violations and work order maintenance are uploaded to our portal so you can see visible proof of issues and activity.

Client Communication

Nothing makes clients happier than having everything at their fingertips so you can get in and get out. That’s why we provide:

Direct access to financial reports and receivables on your community website.

Communication Logs store all records of all homeowner calls, letters and other communications to help reduce disputes.

On-time, electronic access to monthly financial packages so you’re prepared for board meetings in advance.

Homeowner Engagement

We strive to serve client and tenants with state-of-the-art tools that empower them, while also making things simple and easy:

Recurring Payment Options like automated ACH or credit card bill pay makes it easy to set it and forget it.

Two-Way Communications allow clients and tenants to talk back on violations, work orders, or other records via the web portal. This helps prevent frustrations, clear up misunderstandings, and avoid long waits on the phone.

Web Portal gives homeowners a place to go for all information on the community, from community documents to portal access, to communication tools.